Lost Fables Store Launch

Who We Are

Here at Lost Fables, we are obsessed with the unfolding of stories. Be it life or fiction. Our pursuit for entertainment leads us down many avenues be it books, audio dramas, games and more!


Our store symbolizes our love of stories and adventure. Here we provide you with the tools to forge your own adventures. Of course proceeds from our store help to create more wonderful content on our main site for all to enjoy!


Our Story

We began in 2016, creating short stories to share online. We tried our hands at a more creative and visual story telling vice in the form of a Visual Novel in which we released for free online. There is much we learned from the experience and wanted to do more.

Over the years we have worked on several projects with other creators, helping to bring their stories to life while also moving on to creating more of our own.

You can see more of our work on our Main Website.

Our store was created to not only bring you great merchandise from others but to also house our own brands in future. This will allow us to use profits to expand further and release more free content for everyone to enjoy. That is after all, our passion.


We invite you to join us on our journey and love to communicate with you. Feel free to communicate with us at any time!